Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Download Vector Bemo

Line Art Vector
Bemo (Becak Bermotor) three-wheeled vehicles the wheel position with one in front and two behind. The front is a bit obtrusive form, and has two doors in the front. Characteristic Bemo. passengers up from the back because it was not with the side. While the front door there is 2 pieces for the driver and passenger sit side by side. Then to open the doors before him is not the same with other vehicles commonly direction opens the door to the front but a special minibus towards the back. A passenger in the back seat on Bemo
Have two long seats passengers sit facing each other where one can load the 3 person seat passengers.

 BEMO free download

So haulage vehicles bemo loading passengers 8 people including the driver. The vehicle body is made of iron and fabric tarps as roofs. Exhaust petrol smoke especially if most of the mixed oil and voiced rather hard. Bemo vehicles have Size of approximately 1.5 m in length, width or less 1 m with a height of about 1.5 m.

Now Bemo has become the vehicle of a rare and its existence has been replaced with the vehicles a more modern Because of that I am interested in creating vector images in the form of bemo line art vector. File vector I have provided, and you can download it for free.

Vector Convert by : Alfred Tezar
Type : Free Download Vector
File Format : CDR ( Corel Draw ), PDF
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