Friday, March 23, 2012

Download Vector Nicole Kidman Experiment

This is my experiment vector images. I did this vector on the sidelines of my spare time. Here I make the most of your hair with working techniques copy and paste sections of hairs were colored like the rainbow colors. I really enjoy doing it and no-load, because this is my experiment vector. To find out more about the techniques I use, please download this vector file.

Name: Vector Nicole Kidman experiment
File Type : CorelDraw, PDF
Licence : For reference only
Created by : Alfred Tezar
Free download vector

Vector Cristina Aguilera Free Download

I've finished line art vector Christina Aguilera. Quite complicated indeed, have patience while working on tracing, because I'm working on is a technique that uses manual tracing tool in CorelDraw bazier. Vector Christina Aguilera, I share this for free for you please downloads this vector file.

Name : Vector Cristina Aguilera Free Download
File Format : CorelDraw , PDF
License : For reference only
Created by : Alfred Tezar
Type : Free Download
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