Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Download Vector WPAP Style Iwan Fals

As a singer and songwriter, Iwan Fals has a special place in the map of Indonesian music. Generation of the late 1970s until now who feel represented by the songs, putting Iwan Fals as an idol. Iwan songs are typical, sometimes harsh tone of stinging, sometimes soft touch, not infrequently did he speak with a joke. Iwan songs more has the particularity because the words he used are not cliche.

Another thing that we can read, many are musicians who are able to make a melody that is not less delicious. But the matter of making the lyrics, Iwan was difficult irreplaceable, or even none. Not only in the songs of social criticism, but also on love songs. Although the theme of love, but it remains stored in the vision and message-life roles. It's very rare to find on other musician's songs.

Of course that makes the figure Iwan so great, not just because of its ability to mix the lyrics are incredible, but that is not less important is the lyrics that became an integral part of the vision and the journey of everyday life Iwan. The song is the attitude of his life, and that's what he's doing. Iwan know the true difference in meaning industry with art or cultured.

With all the work and intention that he had earned, Iwan Fals be natural that singers and musicians of this country. Iwan is a legend. But really too many people who idolized him, Iwan stay humble, stay humble, and candid.

Name: Iwan Fals (WPAP style)
Type : Free Download
 Creator : Alfred Tezar
File Format : Corel Draw, PDF
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